Envision your guests walking into an event and being greeted with an explosion of color for the eyes and soft luxury for the touch. Offering a choice of product and color allows for onsite personalization. Your guests leave with gift in hand, stored in a satin dust bag bearing your company or event logo.


No minimums! (We know, amazing right?!) We can handle any group size from 2 to 20,000. You thought we were going to say 1 to 100 but a party of 1 really isn’t a party is it?

Discounts begin with quantities of 10 or more. Please contact us for more information.

We love sharing the cashmere counter experience with anyone who loves to be wrapped in luxury. We are happy to jet-set around the world to share the experience with your guests based on the following:

Lead time: We can be flexible. Let’s have a conversation – but 2-6 weeks is a good rule of thumb depending on color choices and program size.

Dust bags: Add your logo to the dust bag for a personalized touch!

Contact: 919.358-0917, danielle@hbhospitality.com

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